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We&#;re pleased to announce that, in preparation for the release of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, we&#;ve been able to solve a long-standing issue in vanilla Skyrim: the so-called &#;lip sync bug&#; introduced by Patch , by collaborating with the fantastic meh, author of Crash Fixes, Immersive First Person View and other well-known Skyrim mods.

Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil&#;s director of writing and voiceover, Lasur Arkinshade, along with Cyrodiil&#;s team lead, 1shoedpunk, spent a long time researching this bug and putting together a theory on how it might be solved. We sent this research to the fantastic meh, who today released the fruit of this labour:


This mod fixes the facial animation desynchronisation issue in the vanilla game - something which we highly recommend installing before venturing into Bruma or any other Beyond Skyrim regions. We&#;re putting a lot of effort into the writing, narrative and voiceover in our content and we want to ensure that everyone experiences it in the best possible light, free of distracting annoyances.

(While we highly encourage all our users to play using this fix, it is, of course, not a requirement. This mod requires SKSE to function).

While you wait for Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, this mod will take effect and fix lip sync issues in the core Skyrim game, the DLC, and any other mods which you may have installed - and will ensure you are all set to have the most immersive experience possible when Beyond Skyrim: Bruma releases.

Expect to hear more information about the development status of Bruma in the coming weeks. We are currently in a period of heavy testing and bugfixing, while recording hundreds of lines of voiceover.

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